If you live in a country for which we have no distributor, and you want to buy a pair of Step Forward orthotics, then contact the distributor in any other country near you. The list is here.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, then please send an introduction email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tell us a little about yourself (with your website if you have one),  how you first heard about Step Forward, and how much involvement you are looking for (your whole country, a region, or just your own patients). Tell us if you are already wearing Step Forward Orthotics. We'll then reply with more informantion and further questions.

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Step Forward Orthotics World-Wide

Please find your country listed below and click your flag.
If your country is not listed please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for further information.
The Step Forward network can fit anyone in the world!

If you are considering to be a distributor, even just for your own patients, anywhere in the world, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

Country Code Link Managing Office
Australia AU AU-032x016 Melbourne
Austria AT AT-024x016 Switzerland
Bahrain BH BH-027x016  
Belarus BY BY-032x016 Lithuania
Belgium BE BE-018x016 Netherlands
Canada CA CA-032x016 Windsor
China CN CN-024x016 Taiwan
Cyprus CY CY-027x016 Nicosia
Czech Republic CZ CZ-024x016 Poland or Germany
Denmark DK DK-021x016 Sweden
Estonia EE EE-025x016 Lithuania
Faroe Islands FO FO-022x016  
Fiji FJ FJ-032x016 New Zealand
Finland FI FI-026x016
France FR FR-024x016 La Rochelle
Germany DE DE-027x016 Freiburg
Greenland GL GL-024x016  
Hungary HU HU-024x016 COMING SOON!   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Iceland IS IS-022x016  
India IN IN-024x016  
Indonesia ID ID-024x016
Ireland IE IE-032x016 Dublin
Israel IL IL-022x016  
Italy IT IT-024x016 Bolzano/Bozen
Japan JP JP-024x016
Jordan JO JO-032x016  
Korea KR KR-024x016
Kuwait KW KW-032x016  
Latvia LV LV-032x016 Lithuania
Liechtenstein LI LI-027x016 Mels, CH
Lithuania LT LT-027x016 Vilnius
Luxembourg LU LU-027x016 Germany
Malaysia MY MY-032x016 Taiwan
Mexico MX MX-028x016
Monaco  MC MC-020x016 France
Nepal NP NP-013x016  
Netherlands NL NL-024x016 Leiden
New Caledonia NC NC-024x016 Australia
New Zealand NZ NZ-032x016 Manawatu
Norfolk Island NF NF-032x016 Australia
Norway NO NO-022x016 Sweden
Oman OM OM-032x016  
Peru PE PE-024x016
Poland PL PL-026x016 Warszawa
Papua New Guinea PG PG-021x016 Australia
Portugal PT PT-024x016  
Qatar QA QA-041x016  
Russia RU RU-024x016  
Samoa WS WS-032x016 New Zealand
Saudi Arabia SA SA-024x016  
Slovakia SK SK-024x016 Poland or Hungary
South Africa ZA ZA-024x016 South Africa
Spain ES ES-024x016 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sri Lanka LK LK-032x016  
Sweden SE SE-026x016 Stockholm
Switzerland CH CH-016x016 Mels
Taiwan TW TW-024x016 Taipei
Thailand TH TH-024x016
Ukraine UA UA-024x016  
United Arab Emirates AE AE-032x016 Dubai
United Kingdom GB GB-032x016 Milton Keynes
United States US US-030x016 Seattle, WA
Yemen YE YE-024x016  
Vietnam VN VN-024x016
Zimbabwe ZW ZW-032x016 South Africa

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Care & Maintenance Of Your Step Forward Orthotics

Your orthotics require just three things:

  • Protect them from danger.
  • Flex (reverse-bend) them occasionally.
  • Wear them regularly.

Protect Them From Danger

Your orthotics will suffer from heat (above 50C) such as hot water, microwaving, behind glass in the sun, on the stove or by the fire. Yes, people have done all these things, and "no" we do not warranty or replace your orthotics from excessive heat.

Your orthotics will be ruined if you allow your dog to chew on them. This also is not covered by the warranty.

Your orthotics will wear out by abrasion. As they rub on sand and grit in your shoes, on harsh seams, on stitching or on the raw floor of the shoe the orthotics will wear away. If you remove the original shoe lining (see the Footwear section) then always replace it with a cheap flat shoe liner (from the supermarket or cobbler). Never wear the orthotics in an unlined shoe or abrasion will be rapidly destroy them and this is NOT covered by the warranty.

Flex (reverse-bend) Them Periodically

Some people, with some sizes, will find that after a few months their orthotics will have flattened somewhat. To function to best effect, the arch of the orthotic needs to be well raised when you are not standing on it. To restore this arch, flex the orthotic by bending the front of the orthotic back under towards the heel. Put the thumb of your right thumb in the hollow of the heel, and the fingers of your right hand across the flange at the front. Lay the index finger of your left hand under the centre of the orthotic. Then press your hands together, thus your left hand is forcing the middle of the orthotic up into the palm of your right hand. The thumb and fingers of the right hand can be squeezed together, thus forcing the arch into an excessively high arch. Do this two or three times on each orthotic. Some people like to do this daily, others once each week or once each month. The main thing is that the arch is high and flexing with each step.

The only exception to this treatment is for those with the 'new' (since 2009) W11. This orthotic has been designed with a very strong arch that should never require this procedure.

Wear Your Orthotics Regularly

If they are against your feet, then they cannot get too hot, and your dog cannot get to them. Furthermore, they will become so comfortable that you will want to wear them all the time. If you only wear them from time to time, then they will never be fully comfortable and they will not be helping you to their full potential. They don't give you any benefit when they sit in your wardrobe!

Manufacturer's Warranty

Your orthotics come with a manufacturer's warranty. Step Forward Orthotics are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. If they break, crack or split with normal use, within 10 years of purchase, contact our office to arrange a free replacement. If they flatten, contact our office for instructions on how to restore the arch. The warranty does NOT cover damage by heat (above 50°C) or abrasion (grooving, pitting or wearing thin). You will be required to produce your original invoice to take advantage of this extended warranty. Please note that we can tell if they have been damaged abnormally (cut, chewed by a dog, overheated, etc)! While many people get many years of satisfactory wear (sometimes over 25 years) others may find their orthotics wear away within just a few years. This would be more common when worn in rubber boots, by farmers, or others who may have dirt and sand in their boots. Should you accidentally lose or damage just one orthotic, we can replace half a pair, for half the price of a new pair. We must see your original invoice to be sure your replacement is the correct size.

To look after your orthotics, and to get maximum life and benefit from them, we recommend you read again the detailed Instruction Sheet that came with your orthotics. Please pay particular attention to the section on doing a reverse-bend to restore the flexing 'memory'.

Your product warranty is also detailed in this document.

You can download a copy here.

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Ready to Buy A Pair? Excellent decision. First we need to know your size (see below). Then you decide where to buy them (see the next pages).

What Size Am I?

Step Forward Orthotics are produced in a wide range of lengths and widths. We select your orthotics to match the length and width of the bone structure of your feet. You cannot determine the arch size based on your shoe size. Arch size and shoe size can vary by as much as three sizes either way.

The preferred method of sizing involves a footprint and also us placing the orthotics against your foot and feeling for the correct location of the bones. All Step Forward staff are experienced in this process. Many of the Consultants (doctors and therapists) are also skilled in correct sizing. Therefore, the best way to get sized is with a personal fitting at a show or by appointment.

What Happens At A Fitting?

Whilst it is true that only one correct shape exists for each size of foot, it is also true that feet come in a wide range of lengths and widths. Our task, when fitting you with Step Forward Orthotics, is to determine the exact combination of length and width for the bone structure in your feet.

While doing your fitting, we will take a footprint (an impression) of your feet. This is done with a Harris mat system that leaves an ink impression on paper; darker where there is more pressure, lighter where pressure is less. We need the impression to help us determine the actual length and width of your bone structure, but it is also interesting to note the correlation between specific patterns on the print and a plethora of aches and pains that come from foot misalignment. This latter aspect does not affect in the least the selection of the correct orthotic, but it does help you understand why you may be experiencing certain conditions and how our orthotics are likely to be of assistance. You'll have the foot print to keep as a reference, whether you decide to buy the orthotics or not.

Most men need wide orthotics, even if they have narrow feet. Most women need narrow orthotics, even if they have wide feet. This is not always the case, and it is our extensive training and experience that allows us to fit you with the correct size.

While shoe size is loosely correlated with arch length, it is one of the least reliable methods of selecting arch size. Some people have 'fat' feet requiring a larger shoe size than their bone structure indicates. Some people have long toes, thus requiring larger shoes. On average, the orthotics are one size larger than your Australian shoe size, but this could vary by up to three sizes either way! We select your orthotics purely on the length of the bone structure from the calcaneus to the metatarsal arch (from the heel to the ball of the foot).

You'll have a test walk in the selected orthotics. You'll realise exactly what they feel like before you decide to purchase. Your feet will change (that is, after all, the objective of our orthotics) and will become very comfortable in the selected orthotics.

A few people (about 4%) do not settle into their orthotics for one reason or another, and we can help most of these people once they contact us. If a size change is needed to solve the problem, that is all free of charge in the first three months after purchase.

All these extra services and warranties are provided free of charge when you buy from any Step Forward office, from a Step Forward stand at a public show, or from many of our Consultants. However, Consultants (doctors and therapists) are not required to offer all of these remedies so we suggest you ask them about this when considering a purchase.

If you are in a remote location, we can send you a 'mail order print kit' to make your foot impressions, and then you send these to our office for sizing.

So, the fitting process is quick and easy. Now you can select from whom to buy them.

Step Forward Orthotics are available from three main sources:

●From your Doctor, Chiropractor, Therapist or other medical professional listed here.

●From Step Forward Orthotics in person while attending popular shows and exhibitions listed here.

●From Step Forward Orthotics by appointment in your home (some locations) or at one of our offices listed here.

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Breaking Them In

If you try to do 100 push-ups on the first day you will strain muscles in your arms. You achieve 100 push-ups by building up to it progressively over a few days or weeks. The same is true of the muscles under the feet. If you try to wear your new orthotics all day from the first day, you will strain and bruise the muscles in your feet. It is important to allow your muscles to develop progressively up to the point of being able to carry your weight all day without causing pain or doing damage. For some, this is only a week or two. For some, it can take up to three months. Most people will take about three weeks. Your fitter will have given you advice on this when you first tried them. If you were fitted at a Step Forward office or show stand, your foot print should have one word (slow, medium or fast) circled. This is the path suggested for you to follow and matches the three paths detailed on the break-in instruction sheet. However, be aware this is a guide. If the chart says to wear them for 60 minutes, but you feel the 'golf ball' straining at 45 minutes, then take them out at 45 minutes. Be prepared to go slower and take longer to adjust to the orthotics. On the other hand, if they feel really comfortable at one hour, then go a little longer, but NOT a lot longer!

Do not persist through problems. If something does not seem right, or you are having unexpected problems, then let us know. We can't help you if you don't tell us. Don't expect problems (in fact, each year only 4% of customers feel the need to call us) but if you are in that minority then don't hesitate to call. We are able to help nearly everyone that phones.

If you can't find your Instructions, you can download a copy here. Instructions

To look after your orthotics, and to get maximum life and benefit from them, we recommend you read again the detailed Instruction Sheet that came with your orthotics. Please pay particular attention to the section on doing a reverse-bend to restore the flexing 'memory'. Your product warranty is also detailed in this document.

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